We are at your side to advise you

Before and during the entire workshop, we will be at your side with our professional experience and personal advice and help you to realise your wishes and ideas.

Here we have listed and answered the most frequently asked questions for you.
Should you nevertheless encounter any ambiguities, please feel free to contact us. contact us.

Is a counselling interview necessary in advance for a course?

We try to clarify all open questions by phone. You can find our telephone number, e-mail and address under contact. Here on our website you will also find a Ring configurator. You can view the costs that are incurred for the production of the rings. These costs depend on the selected dimensions of the rings and the desired precious metal. However, you are also welcome to request a personal Consultation Talk in our workshop, where you will receive a detailed cost estimate.

Don't you have the opportunity to come for a personal consultation? Or do you already have a precise idea about the shape, size and material of your rings? Then please let us know by phone or email. Any unanswered questions can then be clarified directly before the start of the course.

How do I book a course date?

Our current calendar with available dates for courses can be found at here.
With the down payment of the course fee your course is bindingly booked.

How are the costs made up?

The pricing is made up of the basic fee and the cost of materials for the rings.
For our silver courses the material is included in this fee.
For gold or platinum rings, the material is charged individually. These material costs depend on the current daily gold price, the selected alloy and the dimension of the ring and are added to the basic fee. Standard engravings are included in the price of all our rings.

At our Cost calculator you can see all the costs incurred.

Can I also place an order?

Of course, you can also have rings made by us. For this please book a Consultation Talkso that we can respond to your individual wishes and the comfort of fit of the ring especially for your hand.

The costs are the same as for a course, you can check these in advance in our Ring configurator. view.
At the end of the consultation in our workshop, you will also receive a cost estimate.

Do I need prior knowledge for a course?

You don't need any previous knowledge. We are there to advise and support you throughout the entire process.

How many take part in a course?

You can book either a single or a couple course. Our courses are all one-to-one, you will receive our full attention throughout the process. 
If you would like to book a group course (max. 6 students), please contact us. contact us.

How long does it take to forge a ring?

The working process from liquid metal to finished ring takes half a day, so about 4-6 hours. You can take your finished ring home the same day. If other service providers are involved (e.g. for stone setting or laser engraving), the completion will take longer.

How long does it take to have a ring made?

We are happy to make your dream ring for you in the shortest possible time. If other service providers are involved (e.g. for stone setting or laser engraving), completion will take longer.

It is best to take directly contact contact us to discuss all the necessary details with you.

Are there extra costs for engraving or setting work?

We do not charge an additional fee for any standard engraving that we can do in the workshop. If you want special laser engraving or gemstones in your ring, we have to rely on other service providers. We will pass on the costs incurred to you after individual consultation.

Where does our precious metal come from?

It is our concern to leave as little trace as possible on our planet, so we try to add as much precious metal to the cycle as we take from it. Recycling and upcycling are the most consistent form of sustainability.


We purchase our precious metal from so-called refiners. They have committed themselves to guarantee a complete traceability of the materials used and to provide information about their origin at any time. They guarantee that no precious metal of any kind is purchased from mine material. Of course, you have to be aware that the precious metals have been extracted from mines at some point. More detailed information about our business partner can be found at here read up.


Customers like to bring old family jewellery with them. We then find a solution together to what extent we can reuse the precious metal. Apart from the sustainable aspect, this also has a very nice personal component.

If the scrap gold is not used directly for melting down, we will offset the value of the scrap gold (at the current precious metal price) against the costs incurred for the new rings. You can find out more about offsetting scrap gold against our fees under Cost calculator view.

Is catering provided at the workshop?

Unfortunately, due to current hygiene regulations, we are not yet able to provide food again. Of course, cold and hot drinks will be provided.

What are the current hygiene conditions to be observed?

To be up to date, we would like to refer to the Covid regulations of the Berlin Senate:


If you feel ill, please let us know in good time so that we can find an individual solution for the situation. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. You can find our contact details here.

The Ringschmiede team thanks you for your understanding.

What if I cannot attend a course?

Cancellation & Rebooking of Course Dates

If you decide on a course date, it is bindingly booked. If you do not attend the course, we reserve the right to retain the course fee.

If you cancel a course 48 hours or more before the start of the course, we reserve the right to retain half of the course fee if the course date is to be changed to a new date. In the case of a complete cancellation, we will gladly credit you with half of the course fee in the form of a voucher. Otherwise we reserve the right to retain the entire course fee. We ask for your understanding!

In any case, please take contact contact us and we will try to find a suitable solution together. 


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