Have a signet ring made


Signet rings have played an important historical role. Originally used as seals for important documents, they symbolised authority and identity. Over time, they developed into personal pieces of jewellery, with individually engraved stone inlays adding a special touch.
Our signet rings are given a unique touch through collaboration with an experienced stone engraver who is an excellent master of his craft. Using a variety of semi-precious stones, which are cut into the signet shape by an experienced stone cutter, each stone inlay becomes a work of art in its own right. Using traditional engraving techniques, the stone engraver gives each ring an individualised imprint that creates a personal and timeless look.
This artistic symbiosis of masterful craftsmanship and the use of various semi-precious stones makes our signet rings unique pieces of jewellery that not only represent history, but also emphasise the uniqueness of each wearer.

Different types of signet rings


Signet ring with family crest

Design your own unique signet ring with a family crest. Bring your personalised template with you and together we will create the perfect base ring to fit your hand. Your signet ring will become a customised work of art that combines family history and your individual style. You can choose from a variety of semi-precious and layered stones. There is a wide colour spectrum of black, green, blue or in various combinations.


Signet ring with engraving

Create your own personal statement with a customised engraved signet ring. Bring us your own ideas and together we will create the perfect base ring, customised for your hand. Each signet ring becomes an unmistakable work of art that elegantly expresses not only your personal stories but also your unique creative ideas.


Signet ring men gold

A men's signet ring is characterised by its solid construction and striking size, giving it an expression of strength and masculinity. Robust materials, clear symbols and elegant engravings emphasise the wearer's individuality and personality.


Signet ring ladies gold

A ladies' signet ring captivates with its delicate elegance and fine design, with filigree details and fine materials often emphasising femininity. With subtle engravings and graceful symbols, each ring becomes an expression of style and personal sophistication.


Signet ring gold and silver

Whether in gold for timeless elegance or in silver as an affordable option, our signet rings without stones impress with their simple sophistication. The clear lines and fine finish lend each ring a subtle grace.


Signet ring platinum

Discover the combination of tradition and modernity with our platinum signet ring. The timeless precious metal, which was introduced to the jewellery industry in the 1960s, gives the ring a fine and elegant look. Clear lines and modern elegance.