We are able to produce alloys of any precious metal in our workshop

We try to leave as little trace as possible on our planet. We do this by adding as much precious metal to the cycle as we take from it. Recycling and upcycling are the most consistent form of sustainability.

We have removed Fairtrade precious metals from our programme because we believe that recycling is the most consistent and cleanest way to process precious metals and wear them as jewellery with a clear conscience.


Customers like to bring old family jewellery with them. We then find a solution together to what extent we can reuse the precious metal. Apart from the sustainable aspect, this also has a very nice personal component.

If the scrap gold is not used directly for melting down, we charge the cost of the new rings according to the value of the scrap gold (at the current precious metal price).
Details of the cost calculation can be found here view.

Would you like to transform your old family jewellery into something new? call us for more information or to arrange an appointment. Appointment for a consultation in our workshop and we will find a joint solution.


We purchase our precious metal from so-called refiners. They have committed themselves to guarantee a complete traceability of the materials used and to provide information about their origin at any time. They guarantee that no precious metal of any kind is purchased from mine material. Of course, you have to be aware that the precious metals have been extracted from mines at some point. More detailed information about our business partner can be found at here read up.

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