Gift vouchers

For forging yourself or having them made

Gift voucher

Voucher to forge your own ring or have a ring forged |

200,00 1.400,00 


  • Applicable for all workshops
  • The voucher can be redeemed in our workshop
  • Here you will find a template which you can print out
  • Vouchers are valid for 3 years from date of issue


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Here is an overview to help you choose your desired value:

  • Ring forging course for 1 person (course fee, excl. materials): € 200.00
  • Ring forging course for 2 people (course fee, excl. materials): € 260.00
  • Ring forging course for silver rings 1 person (course fee, incl. materials): € 280.00
  • Ring forging course for silver rings for 2 people (course fee, incl. materials): € 460.00

In our Cost calculator you can calculate the exact costs including material. Would you prefer to give the voucher code as a gift yourself? Simply enter your own e-mail address under "To" and the voucher code will be sent to you and not directly to the recipient. Here you will find a template that you can print out. If you enter the voucher number you have purchased and the name of the recipient, you can give the voucher as a gift in this way. On request, we can also send you the printed voucher with the relevant details by post. Please write us a note when you purchase your voucher.

Frequently selected voucher values

750 sand gold rings

260 EUR

Course fee for forging a pair of gold rings (materials not included).

Silver rings

460 EUR

Course fee and material costs for forging a pair of silver rings (material included).

Customer rolls raw material for engagement rings I

280 EUR

Individual ring forging course for forging a silver ring (material included).