In addition to our popular ring forging courses in Berlin, we offer you the exclusive opportunity to have customised rings made according to your ideas. Our photo gallery gives you a detailed insight into the artful process of ring forging. The timeline below illustrates the precise steps we go through when you decide to have your rings forged by our experienced team.



From the raw material to the finished handmade ring

Procedure until the production of your unique ring


Do you dream of a custom-made ring or wedding rings? At Ringschmiede Berlin we do everything we can to make your dream come true. Together with you we develop an individual design, and in no time, we transform your ideas into your dream rings. You can be there live and watch your rings being created over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, or you can entrust the entire process to us and pick up the finished rings. A personal consultation in our workshop is the first step. Every finger is unique. In order to ensure the perfect wearing comfort for you, we would like to take a personal look at your hand. After our detailed discussion, you will receive a propper cost estimate.

Do you have any questions about having a ring made? Then please contact contact to us.
Or book directly a free Consultation Talk  at the Ringschmiede Berlin.


Determine costs yourself

Calculate costs for ring forging

At our Cost calculator you can already get an idea of the costs you can count on.

Consultation talk

Personal & Free Consultation | Ringschmiede.de

We will be happy to make your dream rings for you! A personal consultation is required for this. Book a Consultation Talk in our workshop to coordinate all the details with you.

We make your rings

Creation of your individual ring

We forge according to your ideas. You leave the creation process to us and collect your finished rings promptly at an agreed date.

Keep us company

Course participant takes part in the ring forging course as a spectator I Ringschmiede.de

Are you not so keen on forging your own rings, but you are curious to see how they are made? Then you can join us and watch the rings being made over a glass of wine or something similar.

Engravings and gemstones

960 Platinum Wedding Rings with Groove and Baguette Cut Gemstone | Ringschmiede.de

There are no additional costs for standard engravings, they are included in the production fee. If you would like a special laser engraving, or additional stones in your ring, we are dependent on other service providers. The resulting costs will be discussed individually with you beforehand in the consultation talk.

Book a consultation

FAQs: Having wedding rings made

What do I need to consider before I have a ring made?

A personal consultation is always necessary before your rings are made, as every hand is different. We would like to invite you to our ring forge to help you choose the most comfortable shape and the most suitable precious metal colour. We can fully cater to your wishes during the consultation. You can find our appointment calendar for available times at Book an appointment.

How long does it take to have a wedding ring made?

The production time varies depending on the complexity of the design and the capacity utilisation of the ring forge. On average, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Can I use my own material for the ring?

Yes, you are welcome to do that. We offer the option of incorporating existing precious metal such as old jewellery or heirlooms into your new rings. However, this should be discussed with us in advance.

What do I have to consider when using scrap gold?

Gold should have a purity of at least 585 /-.

How can I calculate the cost of having my wedding rings made?

You can use our Material cost calculator to obtain an exact cost estimate. The manufacturing fee is the same as the course fee for forging the rings yourself.

Which material is best suited for wedding rings?

Various gold alloys, silver and platinum are popular materials for hand-forged wedding rings. We now also offer rings made of titanium, carbon, tantalum and stainless steel. The choice of material depends on your personal taste and budget.

Can gemstones be incorporated into my wedding ring?

Yes, you can also have gemstones set into your wedding ring. We will discuss the details with you and then hand the ring over to a professional stone setter.

Can I have something engraved on my ring?

Yes, we can discuss in advance what type of engraving you would like on your ring. We can carry out standard engravings in our workshop, these are included in the price of the rings. We outsource special laser engravings to a service provider, the costs for this will be charged separately by arrangement.