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Forging your own wedding rings is a very personal and special experience. In our ring forge, we offer you and your partner the opportunity to design your wedding rings individually according to your own ideas.

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Procedure in detail


Forging wedding rings requires many individual steps. We will give you a rough overview here so as not to anticipate too many details. If you want to know exactly, you can book a free consultation and we will answer all your questions personally in the ring forge. You can also get an impression of our workshop, where wedding rings are forged in a workshop.

Steps on the way to your self-made wedding rings:


Calculate wedding ring costs yourself

Calculate costs for ring forging yourself

Determine on lower Ring configurator. The cost of your wedding rings can be seen on the website. There you can choose the measurements and the material to get an idea of the price of the wedding rings. A short consultation will take place before the start of the course to clarify any details about the costs.

Call us

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If you are unsure what is right for you, please call us and we will advise you. by telephone. Also by mail we will answer all your questions promptly.

Consultation Talk

Consultation before booking the ring forging course

If you would prefer to try on ring models or see different precious metals live, then you are welcome to book a Consultation Talk. If you bring old gold with you for your new rings, a personal chat in our workshop is also advisable, to clarify costs. If you are already sure what kind of rings you would like to have, then book a course appointment directly.

Forge your own wedding rings

Make your own ring - Ringschmiede Berlin

Now the time has come and you can get started! Under professional guidance, you can forge your wedding rings, even without prior knowledge. As a rule, you can take them home with you directly after the end of the course.

Engravings and gemstones

Make your own ring - add engraving

Standard engravings that we can do in the workshop, are included in the course fee. If you would like a special laser engraving, or additional stones in your ring, we are dependent on other service providers. The resulting costs will be discussed individually with you beforehand.

Cost of the wedding ring

By choosing the precious metals yourself and determining the process yourself from start to finish, you always have transparency of the costs to be expected. Here you can find out more about the various materials and their Costs before you get in touch with us. The costs are determined on the basis of the desired precious metal, the calculation of which is based on the daily stock exchange prices, and on the ring size and the desired dimensions.


Wedding ring examples

A self-made wedding ring is unique and individually designed. You can add your personal touch and create a ring that exactly matches your ideas. This way you get a piece of jewellery that is unique. Take a look at some Ring examples an. The price of each pair of wedding rings is shown in relation to the current price of the precious metal. The respective measurements of both rings are also shown.



If you are in possession of old gold, you are welcome to bring it with you. It will be recycled and thus brought back into the precious metal cycle. The fineness of your gold will be calculated and credited to you. To find out how much your old gold is worth, use our Scrap gold calculator. You can find out which precious metals are recycled in which way on our Recycling page.



The wedding ring course takes place in an individual workshop, so that we can adapt to your needs and wishes. Book your Workshop date and discover the fascinating world of artisanal blacksmithing.

If you still have questions, we offer free consultations. We are happy to discuss your ideas and help you choose the right workshop.

Alternatively, we also offer the option to have your rings to make for you.

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Excluding cost of materials

FAQs: Forge your own wedding rings

Forging wedding rings, what exactly is that?

Forging wedding rings means handcrafting a ring that reflects your personal story and emotions. It is a process of self-discovery and creativity in which every step, from the choice of material to the finished ring, is customised.

Can I forge my own wedding rings even if I have no experience?

Yes, we will guide you through the whole process and make sure you are happy with the result.

How long does it take to forge a wedding ring yourself?

Our courses usually last 4-6 hours. In this time you will completely finish the forging process. 

Can I use scrap gold for my wedding rings?

Yes, it should be yellow gold, with a fineness of at least 585 /-.

How can I calculate the cost of forging my wedding rings?

You can use our Material cost calculator use to obtain an accurate cost estimate.

Which material is best suited for hand-forged wedding rings?

Various gold alloys, silver and platinum are popular materials for hand-forged wedding rings. The choice of material depends on your personal taste and budget.

Can I incorporate gemstones into my self-forged wedding ring?

Yes, you can have gemstones set into your self-made wedding ring. We will discuss the details with you and then take the ring to a professional stone setter.

Will our homemade wedding rings look beautiful?

With us, every ring becomes a unique memento that bears your individual touch. We take the time to listen carefully to your wishes and forge until we are happy with the result together.

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