Silver rings

Silver impresses with its radiant, shiny surface and timeless elegance.

Silver, chemically Ag, is a precious metal and stands out with its characteristic silver colour. We usually process it in an alloy of 93.5% silver and 6.5% copper. It is also possible to use fine silver. This means that your ring can also be forged from pure silver.

Silver rings

Silver rings

Silver rings

The melting point of silver is around 961 degrees Celsius. This means that silver changes from a solid to a liquid state at this temperature. 

The specific weight of silver is around 10.49 grams per cubic centimetre (g/cm³) at room temperature. It is therefore quite dense, which contributes to its characteristics as a precious metal.

The sand casting process is an interesting and creative way to create your own personalised ring! Melting silver and using the sand casting process are traditional techniques in jewellery making. Here are some basic steps that are usually performed in such a course:

Mould preparation

First, a mould is created, often from special moulding sand. This sand can be pressed or carved into a mould to create the desired ring shape. It is important to ensure that the mould is precise and exactly as required.

Melting the silver

Participants can bring old silver jewellery, coins or other silver objects to be melted down. If not, we use our silver granulate and copper, which is alloyed.


Molten silver is poured into the prepared mould. This step requires precision to ensure that the casting is even and accurate.

Removal of the casting channel

Next, the casting channel is removed with the goldsmith's saw.

Forging & moulding

The silver ring is hardened and moulded into its final shape by forging and pressing.

The sand casting process enables the production of individual and unique silver rings. Our courses not only offer the opportunity to create handmade jewellery, but also provide a deeper understanding of the craft aspects of jewellery making. It is a great opportunity for creative people to create their own unique silver ring.

All our alloys are nickel-free.