The deep symbolism of the wedding ring

From antiquity to the present day


The history and meaning of the gold wedding ring goes back a long way and has cultural and symbolic meanings that have varied over time. Here is a brief summary:


The use of wedding rings has its origins in antiquity, particularly in ancient Egypt and Rome. Thousands of years ago, rings made of precious materials such as gold were used to symbolise and seal a marriage.

Symbol of infinity

The ring, especially one made of an uninterrupted material such as gold, was seen as a symbol of infinity and eternal love. The round shape of the ring without beginning or end represents the enduring bond between two people.

Wealth and prestige

Gold as a material for wedding rings was historically a sign of wealth and prestige. The use of gold not only showed the value of the marriage, but also the social status and prosperity of the couple.

Cultural and religious traditions

In many cultures and religions, the gold wedding ring plays an important role in wedding ceremonies and rituals. The way in which the ring is exchanged and its placement on the finger can vary depending on cultural norms.

Modern meaning

Today, the gold wedding band remains an important symbol of marriage and the bond between two people. Although there are many different styles and designs, gold remains a popular choice for wedding rings due to its beauty, durability and symbolic meaning.

Overall, the gold wedding ring represents the love, commitment and promise between spouses and has a long history as a symbol of marriage in different cultures and societies.